Racing the STORM to South Africa

The storm arrives at midnight. We find ourselves crashing through waves sailing upwind, but we can’t slow down, we have to reach shelter before the next southerly storm arrives and that one is serious. We are in a race against the weather, sailing offshore down the Mozambique channel to South Africa, just ahead of Cyclone season.

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2 thoughts on “Racing the STORM to South Africa”

  1. Amy and Matt, congratulations šŸ‘ on a fabulous sail and outrunning the storm. We love šŸ’• your videos šŸ‘šŸ¤—šŸ„° Erika and Gunther


  2. Congratulations on this sailing trip! I like your videos and posts very much. Please be aware that your lower shrouds are a litle bit too loose.
    Fair winds


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