After all the risks and dangers of sailing thousands of miles offshore across the Indian Ocean, we find ourselves in more danger on land as we are chased by an elephant whilst on a self guided safari. Who says sailing is dangerous!? This is our first taste of setting foot on mainland Africa.

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3 thoughts on “CHASED by an ELEPHANT !”

  1. How wonderful and inspirational seeing you exploring this wonderful world 🌎 💕. Greetings from sunny Melbourne Erika and Gunther


  2. Hasllop Amy and Matt,
    Thank you for another beautifully filmed and commentated clip on your safari adventures in South Africa (when you first arrived). Watching it, sometimes repeatedly, provides me with a few moments of escapism from the scandalously shameful inhumanities that we are watching every day. Bless you both, Vic


  3. Your adventure has inspired us. We are planning to be in South Africa later this year. How did you find the safari info and why did you choose the ones you did? Would you recommend the company you used?


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