An Island Escape, Sailing on a Film Set

New Video: Sailing through Thailand’s beautiful Islands, we explore caves, tunnels and manage to find some quiet anchorages in this notoriously busy holiday area. Paddling through a 60m long pitch black tunnel to emerge in to an emerald bay open only to the sky at Ko Mook was just one of the highlights. These islands have played host to a number of films such as James Bond and The Beach.

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3 thoughts on “An Island Escape, Sailing on a Film Set”

  1. Hi Matt and Amy,
    Just like you guys we are locked with this world wide pandemic issue. Just now we are ready to move ahead with out plan this is holding us up big time. So your videos keep us dreaming for a little while longer. And this one sure didn’t disappoint, what beautiful scenery hey, absolutely stunning. Again one for on our bucket list….we’ll get there eventually.
    Stay safe and we’re already looking forward to the next one.
    Ingrid and Alan

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