New Boat! $1-Million Yacht

New Video: Continuing our exploration of Thailand’s islands near Phuket, we find an un-inhabited island with a stunning beach and dive beneath the waves into crystal clear waters. After spending weeks drifting around the islands on our small live-aboard sail boat we have a complete change of pace and take a sip of the champagne James Bond life style on a brand new $1 million yacht.

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1 thought on “New Boat! $1-Million Yacht”

  1. Moving up in the world hey 🙂 lol
    How did you end up on a million dollar yacht, you got the know the right people 🙂
    So much fun watching you two breaking speed limits hahaha.
    Hope everything is going well for you and restrictions are slowly lifting so you can prepare for the crossing, if it is not too late.
    Keep those fingers crossed for you know what for us and hope we can talk soon.
    Warmest regards
    Ingrid and Alan
    PS stay safe.


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