Running Florence aground and a final test of our diving skills. It’s not always easy, but it is worth it. We take a weekend break from our diving course to explore the deserted but difficult cruising grounds off of West Sumatra, before returning for our final dive of the course and a challenge. Can we find the sunken wreck of an old sailing boat, on our own?!?

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1 thought on “GOING ALONE | Are we ready? | THE FINAL TEST”

  1. Congratulations on reaching the first step on becoming experienced divers, what an amazing experience hey and you guys are so lucky to have come across such a brilliant dive instructor, so very important. Now you can not only enjoy life on the water but also under the water.
    We are so on the hunt for our boat but it is so hard to find anything that is worthy of the term “blue water sailing” here in Australia, and the fact that we can’t fly overseas to buy a boat elsewhere is stopping our plans and make us rethink the size of boat. So here is a question for you guys: if you could make the choice again would you still stick with 37’ or would you consider to go a bit bigger? We’d love to hear your thoughts on this.
    Look forward hearing from you and wish you safe sailing in the meantime.
    Ingrid and Alan


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