SAILING into Borneo: Jungle BOATLIFE

Borneo shows us an whole new kind of boat life. Sailing into Borneo in search of orangutans, we spend the night dodging fishing boats and other hazards before taking an Indonesian live-aboard boat deeper into the jungle. Seeing orangutans in the wild was a major bucket-list item but the experience of taking a boat deep into the jungle was full of surprises. This is known to be one of the best places to see orangutans in the wild. Should it be on your bucket-list too?

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2 thoughts on “SAILING into Borneo: Jungle BOATLIFE”

  1. ABSOLUTELY LOVED this episode. How incredible beautiful Borneo is hey. It brought us both back to when we were there (on separate occasions) watching those magnificent creatures and as always you filmed it fantastically. We can’t wait what the footage is going to be like with your new toy, the drone.
    Enjoy Vietnam and hope to be able to let you know some good news in the next few months.
    Warmest greetings from Queensland, Ingrid and Alan


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