Bali – Bonkers or Beautiful?

New Video: We search for the quieter side of Bali. Escaping from the pushy hawkers out to scam the hordes of tourists, to find the quiet peace of the waterfalls and rice paddies in the north, or that was what we hoped anyway. With over 17000 islands in Indonesia it is impossible to visit them all, but it would be a shame to sail past such an iconic island without stopping to find out what all the fuss is about. As we sailed north from Bali we had to navigate Florence through the hundreds of unlit fish traps that cover the sea just north of the island.

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6 thoughts on “Bali – Bonkers or Beautiful?”

  1. We have been following your adventures since Panama and really enjoy the video’s you are making. You guys are a great couple and remind us of ourselves when we were younger. How are your sails holding up?


  2. Just seen this video (good WiFi in Port Dickson). Wonderful, beautiful, really professional and the best yet. I’ll look forward to catching up with the others soon.
    Happy New Year, wherever you may be!


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