Dodging Reefs and Komodo Dragons

New Video: Sailing through reef strewn and poorly charted waters, we make our way to the Komodo National Park to get up close and personal with some Dragons, the largest lizards in the world. We got to see this amazing spectacle before they put the entry fee up from $10 to $1000!

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2 thoughts on “Dodging Reefs and Komodo Dragons”

  1. 2nd try – first comment seemed to be lost!
    I was reading and then watching your video of the Komodo dragons whilst commuting into London on a damp cold November this morning in UK. I have watched most of your videos and it just goes to prove what you can do with some passion, dedication, initiative and will – brilliant stuff.
    I took kids around the world (twice) many years ago, but only for 3-4 months, so some of your posts bring back vivid memories of travelling. I am left wondering how will you return to a ‘normal’ life, or is this your new norm?
    Keep the videos going, they are fascinating and inspiring in equal measure.. Thanks !


    1. Thanks Paul, glad to have brought back your happy memories of travelling. What a wonderful thing to show you kids a bit of the world. We have a lot to work out but luckily have a few years and many miles left to try and work out how to return to a more normal life or what we want normal to become!


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