About AMY…

Amy started life landlocked ‘up North’ in England, yet she spent a very happy childhood messing around in small boats.

From the age of just a few months, summers were spent on an 18ft canal cruiser, exploring the rivers and canals of the UK and France.

Amy’s first dinghy was an 8ft Skylark. This was a real family dinghy; shared with her older brother, built by her Dad with sails sewn by her Mum.

With eco-warrior parents, much of her childhood was spent without a car. So joining the local sailing club at the age of 8 meant cycling 30 miles (48km) to camp, sail dinghies all weekend and then cycle home again. That sailing club started a love of sailing that stuck.

As sailing started to become the family activity of choice, a 21ft wooden Warram Tiki Catamaran became the means to bigger adventures. With a family of 5 it was a tight fit but luxurious in comparison the summer months otherwise spent cycle touring through Europe.

Many adventures were had sailing up the North East Coast to Scotland or in the more forgiving climate of Cornwall.

Amy’s growing love of sailing, particularly racing dinghies, prompted a move at age 18 to the south coast where there was more regular racing and less ice and fog. The UK south coast gave her 10+ happy years sailing and racing skiffs, a university degree, some lifelong friends and Matt; the love of her life.

This is the 49er dinghy Amy raced (as crew) for fun for over 8 years. A highlight of which was competing in the 49er World Championships on Lake Garda, Italy, where she was the only female to compete out of 180 sailors.

After 7 years of dating Matt she finally agreed to race with him and they bought their first boat together, an RS800 dinghy (a UK skiff with a great national racing circuit).

Now mixing full time sailing, living aboard, an ability to fulfil a lifelong urge to travel and life couldn’t get much better for her. Now the dream is not just the adventure of a lifetime, but a lifetime of adventure.