Are we GIVING UP SAILING? Getting a NEW BOAT? Or buying a CATAMARAN? We have sailed all the way around the world, NOW WHAT? In this episode we will share with you our future plans as we explore the beautiful waters of Tobago Cays in the Caribbean.

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7 thoughts on “WHAT NOW? – Our Future Plans after SAILING AROUND THE WORLD”

  1. I can’t find the episode outlining the preparation of Florence for the trip, which one was it.
    Wonderful series to watch for any wannabe ocean traveller. Thank you for sharing your adventure.


    1. We have been watching your blog for a number of years. It has alway been my dream to do what you have done and we ordered a Catamaran about 3 years ago and get delivery late May early June this year. We are planning on sailing the Mediterranean for the first 18 months. We started planning and getting everything in order but the insurance company have changed there requirements. They have informed us that even with the Yachtmaster Coastal certification they would require someone on board with a minimum 3 years experience and qualifications to shadow us for the first 12 months. We are currently looking for somebody with this qualification and experience that wants to have sometime out maybe see if this lifestyle is suited to them before they take the step to order there own yacht. This is also a warning to other people thinking of doing this. They would need the experience to get insurance. If you have any advise on this situation we would be great full.

      Ian & Debbie


      1. I really would be looking for another insurer. I know this is a complete pain, especially when you see some people who should possibly take up gardening instead of sailing, yet they are out there and insured (probably). I was on a course where a day skipper candidate, on day three asked what the difference was between a tack and a gybe. When I asked about his experience, he said that before the course he had been on a boat “once” before, at Earls Court!
        I have a problem with people saying they have 6 years experience, then you find that means they crew on a race boat once a month for a 4 hour race.


  2. Have followed your adventures with great interest , if you could of afforded to buy a new boat after being on holiday for the past six years everybody would want to know your secret .
    Think you might find the Artic a bit less enjoyable , good luck .

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