PIT-STOP Mid-Ocean | Remote Island Refuge

Sailing 1200 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean, after 10 days at sea we finally sight the tiny remote Island of St Helena, but getting ashore on this isolated rocky island was more challenging than we hoped. Join us for life onboard as we catch & cook our dinner and sail Florence offshore across the South Atlantic Ocean.

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1 thought on “PIT-STOP Mid-Ocean | Remote Island Refuge”

  1. Hi Matt and Amy, Congratulations at reaching St Helena and no doubt you are going to have more exciting adventures ashore there. I would love to become a patron but I do not like PayPal and will not use it. Paypal gives a selection of bank card options “Visa and Mastercard”. I have used 3 different cards now and it always comes back card not known, so unfortunately I cant go forward.

    Your quality of photography has improved emencely over the months and I love the long-arm for holding the camera, it gives you some very good shots especially on Florence when you are sailing. Of course the drone has given you huge benefits especially in Nabia, lets face it sand is sand but to have the different perspectives has made all the difference. And of course the editorial has improved hugely, of course a lot of this may be in the quality kit you use now but I suspect Amy is the main editor and has improved her technique no end. A huge thank yoou to you both, I always look forward to your latest news. Where would my geographical knowledge be without you. Love the soaring bird in your latest video, was this an Albatros, it looked very big?

    Best wishes, Frank Raine


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