SAILING to the Desert

Waves breaking into the cockpit to flat calms, Sailing 500 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean on our way to Namibia gave us quite an experience. 30 knots of wind and surfing at 10 knots in the middle of the night was balanced by a flat calm beautiful sunrise over the desert dunes. It feels amazing to be out sailing across oceans once more on our voyage around the planet. The start of a new adventure.

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2 thoughts on “SAILING to the Desert”

  1. As ever a brilliant video, we were discussing how you will ever come back to a ‘normal life’ but I presume you never will after your experiences. You are both naturals in front of camera and we always look forward to the next instalment of your fab adventures. Makes our exploring around the Solent on a Sadler 29 a bit tame! Chichester Harbour can be beautiful but we can’t see Table Mountain!


  2. You two rock! We love sitting back on Saturday nights and watching your adventures. We get a bowl of ice cream, put our feet up, and watch your really well produced videos. Really excellent. Have you been enjoying star gazing near the equator? I would live to see the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds. Have fun and God Bless! – Tim and Janet


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