A Sailors Milestone | The Southern Tip of Africa

Finding the perfect secluded WILD SWIMMING spot as we visit the Southern Tip of Africa, where the INDIAN OCEAN meets the ATLANTIC OCEAN. Visiting Cape Agulhas lighthouse in a gale just reminded us how lucky we were to have moderate conditions as we sailed Florence past this southernmost tip of the African Continent.

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3 thoughts on “A Sailors Milestone | The Southern Tip of Africa”

  1. Do you think South Africa could/will your final anchoring spot for Florence after you finish your trip around the world?


    1. We don’t have any plans to settle down anywhere to be honest. There are so many amazing places to visit in the world. We may finish this circumnavigation but hopefully that won’t be the end of exploring.


  2. Happy to see you guys in my “old neck of the woods”…I spent many a childhood holiday in betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay & Hermanus. Such stunning coastline. I used to love watching the mighty freak waves crash into the point at Cape Hangklip. Many rock fishermen have lost their lives fishing on this infamous coastline, being hit by “freak waves” which come from nowhere sometimes 20 to 30 foot high. Can’t wait to see you berth in St Helena. Safe sailing.


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