THREATENED with a FINE mid Ocean!

Becalmed and drifting in the Mozambique channel, miles from land we did not expect to be threatened with a fine! Sailing offshore on ocean passages usually brings a few surprises but this was a first for Florence. We will share with you some of the magic of being becalmed at sea by day and by night.

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4 thoughts on “THREATENED with a FINE mid Ocean!”

  1. Your new Canon video camera has very clear images, a joy to watch. Shame you had to put up with tiresome Frenchies on the radio, what an intrusive interlude in such a wonderful day. Really looking forward to seeing your Seychelles video when it comes out, I shall be living the dream with you.


    1. Hi Frank, We are actually way ahead of the videos, we shot film faster than we could edit it, now in South Africa. We were sadly unable to stop in Madagascar as it was and still is closed to yachts due to covid 19.


      1. I knew there had to be a reason why you were not talking about going into Madagasca, it sounds such a lovely Island it must have been hard to pass it. Glad you have reached South Africa safely. I look forward to your next videos. I imagine the editing of videos must be quite a slog and something you cannot easily do when underway. Good luck and Happy Sailing in 2022.

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