LAND HO! | Landfall in Paradise after 23 DAYS AT SEA

After 23 days of offshore sailing we are very ready to arrive. But we need to arrive in daylight to anchor safely which means pushing Florence to sail fast on this last leg of our voyage to Seychelles. Our tiredness brings out the emotion of the moment as we close in on land after sailing 3044 miles non-stop across the Indian Ocean.

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2 thoughts on “LAND HO! | Landfall in Paradise after 23 DAYS AT SEA”

  1. Wonderful last post of your Indian Ocean trip. Its so tiring when the boat heaves and sways all day long, Amy’s face in the companion way at the end of a watch says it all… so tired! You have done a great and professional job of detailing your trip and I have so enjoyed following you. Have a great time in the Seychelles.


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