How we sail across OCEANS | Trade Wind SAILING Setup

The HOLY GRAIL OF OFFSHORE CRUISING is sailing downwind in the trade winds, We have now sailed across 3 oceans using the trade winds. In this short bonus video we will share how we set Florence up to make the most of sailing in the trade winds as we sail west across the Indian Ocean, hundreds of miles offshore and out of sight of land. From setting the spinnaker pole to sail wing on wing, to preventing chafe and reducing roll by using a staysail.

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1 thought on “How we sail across OCEANS | Trade Wind SAILING Setup”

  1. Lovely to see your Indian Ocean adventure is underway and you are basking in the southern trade winds. Love the sail setting, something I will never get to do but very interesting to see your theory/practise. I would love to donate again but Paypal insists I must have a login and this I do not wish to do this. Is there another way?


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