Life Mid-Ocean | SAILING Across the Indian Ocean

This is why we put up with the storms and calms. Out of sight of land, sailing across an ocean can be a magical experience. I used to wonder what it felt like to be surrounded by nothing but the vast ocean and sky, at the mercy of the weather, with limited supplies, no internet, no pressures of modern life and just one other person to talk to. The part of the passage where we are furthermost from land is our most treasured, our bodies have had the opportunity to adjust, our energy levels are back and the total lack of distractions from where we are and what we are doing, places a giant magnifying glass on our emotions.

After over a week at sea we have finally reached the steady trade winds. Finally we can turn the bow west towards the tropical Seychelles islands. With the steadier winds we enjoy some fantastic sailing and catching fresh fish for dinner.

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2 thoughts on “Life Mid-Ocean | SAILING Across the Indian Ocean”

  1. Enjoyed this video so much! You make really excellent videos. So nice to see you really enjoying being mid ocean! Hope the weather keeps favourable for you. Are you calling in on S. Africa, I guess so. I worked at the SA Embassy in Argentina for 34 years so hope you enjoy yr stay there.


  2. Wonderful! Who wouldn’t want to do it again? Do it all whilst you can. Believe me life is to short. Age doesn’t come all by itself. Treasure the experiences. Enjoy each other. Be kind, be generous, be true. Smile a lot. Take the knocks and soldier on. What you have is ever so precious more than you will ever imagine. You make and old salt very emotional to be able to share some of your joy. Be careful and I know you will.


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