Behind the scenes – OCEAN PASSAGE planning

Running out of food, water and fuel are real possibilities on this 3000 mile ocean passage. Sailing the boat is only part of the challenge, we also have to plan carefully to make sure we don’t get becalmed and end up drifting for months and running out of supplies. As fill our water tanks in preparation to start our month long voyage, we’ll take you behind the scenes and share how we plan our passage and the difficulties of provisioning a boat here in this part of Indonesia.

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1 thought on “Behind the scenes – OCEAN PASSAGE planning”

  1. Interesting that I bought those books for Alan’s birthday last year, so they do come well recommended 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to use them in the very near future now.
    We’re looking forward to have a chat when you guys are getting to the Seychelles and share some good news.
    Have a good trip (you guys are already half way)
    Ingrid and Alan


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