Preparing for a MONTH AT SEA | Crossing the INDIAN OCEAN

We are about to set sail on a 3000 mile offshore ocean passage. Just the two of us double handed sailing, our 37ft yacht Florence all alone on board, for up to a month at sea. In this video we share some of the preparations as we undertake a full mast tip to bilge check over of Florence. Preparing a yacht in this part of Indonesia with almost no marine yachting services requires us to undertake everything ourselves. It is not long now until we depart Indonesia to continue our world sailing circumnavigation which was put on pause when we were stuck here by the pandemic, we have 16,000 miles of ocean sailing left between us and home in England.

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5 thoughts on “Preparing for a MONTH AT SEA | Crossing the INDIAN OCEAN”

  1. You two are an inspiration. Thank you for your videos throughout the whole coronavirus episode. We wish you well in crossing the Indian Ocean and the next chapter of your adventure. Malcolm, Janie and Peggy

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  2. Once again just to say how much I admire what you are doing and the principals that you stand for in the way you go about what you are doing. It is inspirational at what is a dark time for me. Recently January 21 my wife went into hospital and her decline in health as been so horrendous that she is now in care and is beginning to display end of life symptoms. So your feel good videos are doing me a world of good and I well up as I write. God speed to both of you. At present I am also fighting the authorities as to who pays for Irene’s care. If I am successful you will also be winners.
    I don’t want your journey to come to an end but I can imagine it will also be nice to get back home eventually.
    Take care of each other you don’t know how precious this time is with each other.
    Every blessing and kind regards. David Wilkinson.
    Our yacht was WOW, the keep it safe and simple motto, but more than that Wilky’s on Water


    1. Hi David, We are so sorry to hear your news and sorry we have taken so long to respond. We were at sea and out of contact when your message came in and now we are in Seychelles we have been able to catch up on messages. We send you both our very best wishes, and are thinking of you at this difficult time. Just hearing that our videos can provide a little respite for you is already a win for us. Take care, Matt and Amy


  3. Finally, time to watch the video and we absolutely loved it, what great hint and tips and we can’t wait for the next one…..and even more importantly to do it ourselves.
    You guys are absolutely amazing in the video editing, Alan comments on it every time we watch your videos.
    Well, by the looks of it you guys are making good progress, hope all is well onboard Florence and we look forward to the next update.
    Fair winds,
    Ingrid and Alan



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