Being stopped by police when sailing in foreign waters is always a worry, especially when we don’t have our passports with us. In this episode we sail overnight from the Mentawai islands back to mainland Sumatra to deal with our final visa extension and return to Cubadak Island for our first ever night diving experience. Along the way we are stopped by the marine Police!

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2 thoughts on “Indonesian POLICE STOPPED OUR BOAT!”

  1. Hi Matt & Amy,
    Loved the video, as always! You guys should be on your way to the Seychelles by now, we wish you a safe and very enjoyable crossing.
    And we have some news: we had our offer accepted on our cruising yacht⛵️😀
    It’s not the Hunter, as he didn’t want to come down in price, but when we were in Tasmania, we also looked at a nearly new Catalina 470, and this is the one, provided she’ll sail through the survey. We have no doubt she will as she is in super condition (has only 189 hours on the engine for a 2008 boat) and the owner, who is the first owner, hardly used her as he has three (!) other yachts, but keeps them all in excellent condition, so needless to say we’re super excited. We’re planning to go down to Tassie early July to get the survey done and then we’ll sail her here to our home port (the one you stayed in when you were here) and we can start prepping her for our big adventure.
    We’ll keep you posted.
    Ingrid and Alan



  2. Dear Matt and Amy,
    We have just watched your latest video which was, once again, really interesting and see that you are now planning to leave Indonesia shortly and sail to the Seychelles.

    With Sri Lanka and India being unfortunately locked down – as they are both incredible countries – it is a shame you will have to miss them.

    As you know, we have sailed across the Indian Ocean 5 times from India, Thailand, Malaysia, The Maldives, Chagos, The Seychelles and Madagascar before sailing round South Africa, into Namibia, via St Helena and Ascension to Brazil and up to the Caribbean where we are currently based.

    Out of all those brilliant countries, we loved the Maldives and Chagos and believe that you are able to sail to these places even during these sad and weird times.

    We would strongly recommend that you visit The Maldives and Chagos on the way to The Seychelles as it breaks your journey up really well and we believe that you are now able to stay in The Maldives for up to 6 months and it would be a shame to sail past and miss these beautiful islands.

    If you do decide to go down this route, we can give you some excellent contacts in The Maldives and accurate co-ordinates in Chagos.

    But we wish you fair winds and safe sailing.


    Antony and Davina
    S/Y Divanty


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