EXTREME HEAT boat life | STUCK on the Equator

Stuck for a year in a sailing boat on the equator has had its challenges, from the extreme heat, to living with the isolation on board. This part of Indian Ocean is beautiful but life behind the lens is not always as easy as it looks on camera. We share the reality of life on board as we explore this tropical paradise. Since borders closed around the world in March 2020 we have been unable to move far with Florence. As we are unable to sail home to England without stopping somewhere for provisions along the way, and those places have closed boarders, the safest thing for us to do was to stop here where we are on the equator, and we have been here ever since.

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1 thought on “EXTREME HEAT boat life | STUCK on the Equator”

  1. Another great video Amy and Matt , I am addicted to watching as I spent time working out in those waters over 30 years ago .
    Stay safe

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