Stress busting Sailing – Sumatra, Indonesia

Sailing to explore a tropical jungle covered island paradise beats city life any day. A 20 knot upwind thrash to escape the city leads to a tropical paradise. Surrounded by monkeys and wild boar we find the ideal spot to unwind from the stress of the city. Many exclusive resorts are closed because of covid, we are lucky to still be able to travel and explore some of these beautiful locations, so let us show you around.

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2 thoughts on “Stress busting Sailing – Sumatra, Indonesia”

  1. Hi Matt and Amy,

    Excellent production quality as always and you have a knack of making the mundane interesting and informative. Great work.

    I have noticed a couple of times that one of your companion boats in Isolation Bay appears to be a Mumby 48. This is one of the boats that we are considering for our own travels later next year, along with a Salina 48, Nautitech 47 etc.

    We are planning a trip to Queensland later this year (Covid willing) to get some first hand experience with a Mumby 48 owner but I wonder if you had any thoughts about this vessel as a long term liveaboard. I don’t perceive it as the most comfortable but the attractions for me would be speed, robustness, durability and low maintenance. We do not envisage long marina stays, but galvanic isolation always makes me a little uneasy !

    Your thoughts and insight would be appreciated.

    Fair winds guys.

    Brian and Christine


    1. Hi Brian and Christine, There were 2 Mumby boats there. If we had to sail across the Indian Ocean on a cat one of these would be our choice. We have not sailed on them but have been on board at anchor. They seem strong and sturdy with a great bridge deck clearance. Low on creature comforts but spacious and fast, although apparently sensitive to weight so you can’t take lots of cruising clutter with you. We would be a little concerned about the size to be managed by just 2 people if something went wrong, we love having little Florence when it gets breezy and we can just put our arms around the mainsail and boom to tie it down. In summary if you are going to go for a big cat, like sailing over comfort or are going to do some serious weather sailing, then in our opinion the mumby would be worth a look. I think you can still get the plans and have one built in the Philippines (then at least you know your starting point from a corrosion point of view). The Mumby boats are back in Malaysia now.


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