Is this the deserted island of your dreams? Escaping to a tropical island paradise is the stuff of our dreams, making it a reality means always looking around the next corner just to see what is there. Escorted by whales, we sail towards the turquoise waters surrounding our very own deserted island What better way to self isolate?

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1 thought on “All Alone: A Tropical ISLAND TO OURSELVES”

  1. Your coral Island is a million miles from my reality here isolating at home. Thank you so much for your lovely films, I do realise you spend a lot of time planning them and taking shots like paddling back to Florence, to make it all seem wonderful. If you want an idea for the future, how’s about more on Anchoring in doggy places, your experiences, depth of chain, conditions. Yes its a subject too long to cover in full but I am sure you have had some experiences already.


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