Sailing into the UNKNOWN – How to Navigate Without Charts

Sailing in a poorly charted area of Indonesia not mentioned in guide books means finding a new way to navigate. Our ability to seek out and find remote isolated anchorages has been transformed by the use of satellite images for navigation. In this episode we share how using satellite images and eyeball navigation makes it possible to find remote un-spoilt locations to explore on the edge of the Indian Ocean. Destinations which are not in any travel guides and quite possibly have never been visited by sailing yachts before.

Using satellite images to navigate instead of a chart is becoming more common in the cruising world. Navigating via a photo and what you can see with your eyes may sound daunting at first to those used to well charted waters, but once you get used to this new navigation method it opens up whole new areas for exploration.

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1 thought on “Sailing into the UNKNOWN – How to Navigate Without Charts”

  1. Hi Matt and Amy,
    You truly engulfed yourselves in the Indonesian way of living, hats and all 😉
    As always, very nice video and we’re looking forward to the next one.
    As for us, this covid-thing has help our plans up as well, we can’t go anywhere to look at a boat, let alone buy a boat, and even if we had one, we can’t travel anywhere either. So we’re still working and topping up the sailing kitty until we are finally ready to cut the (shore)lines. We will keep you updated.
    Stay safe, Ingrid and Alan


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