The BOW FELL OFF, our sailing dinghy tender

This 9 foot long dinghy has sailed over half way around the world. A tender that splits in half to save space on deck, has been the ideal dinghy for our circumnavigation. Having a tiny sail boat that we can use to explore the rivers and beaches of the countries we visit has been an absolute joy. In this video we will share the good and bad points of owning a wooden sailing rowing dinghy as a tender to our blue water cruising yacht Florence. Our 9ft spindrift nesting dinghy has generated a lot of questions in our previous videos so we hope to answer them all here.

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1 thought on “The BOW FELL OFF, our sailing dinghy tender”

  1. Another wonderful video, thank you. I’d of course love a “Machine”. Much as I love my vintage Avon, it really is second best!
    Stay well and I’ll be following you wherever you head next.


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