How we afford to Sail Around the World – Full time sailing on a Budget

How we fund our dream and what it took to start out sailing around the world. After 4 years of full time travel sailing around the world, we explain how we fund this dream life now in our 30’s rather than waiting until retirement. We break down how much it cost us to sail around the world over the last year, where than money was spent and where the money comes from. Answering is one of the questions we are asked most often. How do we make our money as digital nomads off grid full time sailing on a budget.

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1 thought on “How we afford to Sail Around the World – Full time sailing on a Budget”

  1. Matt and Amy
    Best decision you ever made- to travel within your means in your 30’s.
    Your videos are an inspiration and a great incentive to take the plunge .

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