Stranded Sailors GIVEN OWN ISLAND

New Video: Unable to travel home, stranded in a foreign country, Indonesia looks after visiting sailors by allowing us to shelter on an isolated island. Sailing around the world is on hold as international borders are shut. International sailors whose home is their boat cannot just abandon their homes and fly back to their home countries. We are lucky to have the kind and generous support of the local Indonesians, explore this island paradise with us.

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5 thoughts on “Stranded Sailors GIVEN OWN ISLAND”

  1. Hi Amy and Matt and Flo…
    Just saw your latest video.
    You guys are amazing, and please keep your heads up. The world is struggling hard right now, but at least you can see it from the bright sight. People are in lockdown in their tiny homes, loosing their jobs or being afraid of getting sick.
    Being stuck on a remote island is for sure hard as well, but it‘s just a matter of time. Hang in there, always on your…


  2. You’ve got each other. Don’t take it for granted. You’ve still got your ‘youth’ and lots still to achieve. You are blessed with good health and lovely personalities and the sense of adventure. My Mum used to say if you’ve got your health you’ve got your wealth.
    These are very unusual times but thank goodness the likes of Oxford University are looking for an answer in the form of a vaccination. It will come. Be patient ! I respect you sense of isolation from your families. That must be hard.
    My friend always says tomorrow is a new beginning but just now the new beginning seems a long time away.
    Trust in each other and the love of others who will see you through. Every blessing. You are amazing.

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  3. Hi Matt & Amy,
    As much as you guys are struggling (which we totally understand, we missed out on seeing our family too when we tried to get to Europe in March) please try and keep your heads up. The whole world is struggling at the moment, and we keep saying to each other as well, at least we haven’t lost our jobs and we can actively search for our boat from the save and secluded space of our home. It does put our plans on hold, which we for sure are not happy about either, but eventually it will happen, just like you guys will hoist the sails sometime soon.
    We think of you and always look forward seeing your next video.
    Warmest regards from Alan and me,


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