Trapped on our Boat

New Video: Not allowed to set foot on shore, unwelcome in any port, we are trapped onboard our 37ft yacht. We are kept in almost constant motion from port to port as we hunt for somewhere that we can stop for provisions and even just a walk ashore. Anxious times onboard Florence.

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5 thoughts on “Trapped on our Boat”

  1. Hi.

    I’ve been following you for some time now and have enjoyed your videos. I don’t normally send messages like this, but just wanted to wish you all the best for the coming months. Keep strong, which I am sure you will. I Look forward to the book!

    Best wishes

    Peter Braidwood (fellow yachtsman) Largs Scotland

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  2. Could you give your viewers the names of islands and towns you visit so we can follow you on Google Earth. For example, where is Isolation Bay.


  3. Such a shame this pandemic is proving such a complication for yr travels! A bit unnerving having to move on from anchorages all the time, but hopefully you now can stay where you are. Hope you enjoy it there. Take care. From Argentina

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    1. Hi Elizabeth, yes now we have a safe place to stay. The next video will show the island we are allowed to stay at. Our visa’s are also paused so we do not have to worry about overstaying. We are now in a good, safe place and are able to buy food/gas etc. We hope all is well with you in Argentina. Take Care, Amy and Matt


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