Thrown out of Port

New Video: With Florence stocked up for an Ocean crossing we head offshore, sailing from Thailand to the northern tip of Indonesia. This is the first real test of our new sails. Spinnaker sailing through the night. We made a night approach to the harbour and had a nervous reception, then after a few days the shock of being thrown out of the port.

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1 thought on “Thrown out of Port”

  1. I have only just discovered your superb website and blog. I am delighted to have done so, because for the first 21 years of her life Florence (Oyster Heritage No6) belonged in my family as PEMANDIA. Her name was changed to Tilda when we sold her and we have retained the name on our current yacht, a Malo 40. So I am delighted to see her again and being so much enjoyed and well cared for. She looks every bit as good as I remember her! Do get in touch when you are in Port. My email address is on a Facebook message to you. All best wishes Peter


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