Mourning the Motion

Side by side, we lay in darkness, as stillness surrounds us.
The roar of distant waves a faint reminder of our link to the ocean.
No night watches tonight, no need to wedge ourselves in or clip ourselves on.
No rush of water against the hull, rendering sleep impossible or rogue waves threatening to throw us from our bunk.
No urgent call to deck just as we finally sink into slumber.
Instead the night is still, we are still, Florence is still.

Many nights on passage have been spent dreaming of this stillness, such promise of a sound nights sleep.
How we cursed the constant motion, how it made our lives so hard, stopping us ‘achieving anything’ with our day.

Tonight the stillness brings no joy. The silence, a screaming reminder of our stationary state.
Tonight no matter how long we sleep, our goal will not be closer when we wake.
Our horizon remains as still as we are.
For as we lay here we realise, our motion at sea was always forward.
No matter how uncomfortable or gut-wrenching, each bob, bounce, slam or roll resulted in us moving ever westward towards our goal.

Together as darkness falls again, we mourn the motion.
We never missed until it was gone.
Our silent dreams, the only vessel able to carry us to distant shores.

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21 thoughts on “Mourning the Motion”

  1. Nice written poem kinda thoughts in these times of deceive and betrayel. I am mourning too because people are dying from the effects of the illegal lockdows who seems te be much more worse than this Flu virus. I hope you are safe from them and enjoy your life.


  2. Very well written guys, and thoughtful. The world for all is no longer what it was….and will remain so for unknown time.

    I came across your videos and have been enjoying them as my binge feed. I am not sure if it’s my luck or your spare time as you sit in Isolation Bay, but now that I found sequential videos, it is great.

    Tell Amy she seems a hell of f a cook….but Matt you remain nice and thin.

    Enjoy each other and the best to you and your families, who I am sure are concerned.

    Sincerely from Las Vegas

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  3. Beautifully written indeed. I understand what you’re going through, and I think for the most part we’re all going through the same here on dry land. Nonetheless, always do keep in mind the fortunate position you have found yourselves in the past few years, regardless of whether it’s by chance or design. You are on your own sailing boat in Indonesia, anchored safely next to an idyllic tropical island, having been fortunate enough to sail there and having seen some pretty amazing stuff along the way. You’re healthy, together, and you’re even getting paid to chronicle this amazing journey of yours, allowing you to continue and allowing you to relive it in the future. If you have nothing else to do, tell us how to end up in that position. I for one would happily trade with you anytime. Stay healthy and safe out there!

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    1. Thank you Jeffrey, hopefully our last blog shows more of how grateful we really are to be here. With regards to how we got here, we set off having saved hard, thinking we would be 3 or 4 years then have to return to work and sell Florence who we only bought to achieve this dream. Sailing around the world is what we really wanted to achieve with life and we were willing to make many sacrifices to do so. Other than Matt’s redundancy giving us a kick to go sooner, there has been very little change in getting here. We are now very lucky to have the support of a wonderful group of people who have enabled us to extend the journey and keep sailing for longer. Best of luck with making your own dreams happen. Stay safe.


  4. We feel for you guys so much but are glad you have a safe haven. Fortunately here in Australia Covid 19 has been well contained so far with relatively few deaths and we are allowed to cruise within our own states. We’re very lucky to be in Queensland and able to isolate afloat amongst the Great Barrier Reef. The world will re-open eventually. Until then stay safe. Cheers!

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    1. Thank you, it’s great to hear how some countries are starting to open up and have contained the virus. We hope it stays that way. Until South Africa opens it’s borders and it becomes safe for us to cross the Indian Ocean, the best thing we can do is stay right where we are. Cruising within Indonesia, Malaysia or Thailand even when checked in are still not possible. Happy cruising!


  5. Loved “Mourning the motion”.
    In lockdown, we have just been watching our 9 month travels of Europe way back in the 70’s. This will be over soon and you will be able to continue your adventure that will be in your memory bank for the rest of your lives.
    Keep smiling
    Peter and Lou

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    1. Thank you Peter and Lou. What a great way for you to spend the lockdown, we hope they brought back many happy memories. We are amazed at how much the videos, blogs and photos aid our memory of even the last few years. Stay safe and well. Amy and Matt


  6. You have enjoyed the thrill of the Oceans, achieved the miles of success, revelled in the joy of the worlds islands and marvelled in the beauty of your Indonesian Islands. Like the windjammers of old you are now becalmed, an enforced retirement, no motion, no miles under the keel, no reduction in miles to your destination. And here you are, your seahorse primed with her new suit of sails, itching to become a work horse of the oceans again. Patience, patience, relax, enjoy this enforced stillness, one another’s company, the nature on your doorstep. As sure as eggs-is-eggs your release is only a matter of time and we all look forward to your motion round the world again, your blogs, videos, worries, excitement. You are living the sailing dream that so many of us have yearned for. Patience. We remain suspended and with you.

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    1. Thank you for your beautifully written comment Frank. My (Amy’s) Grandma even mentioned how lovely it is and how nicely you write in her latest email! We hope you are keeping safe and well. Best wishes Amy and Matt


  7. Wow.
    You truly have a way with words.
    So beautifully written.

    I’m still crazy with jealousy for what you guys are doing.

    Wishing to make the plunge myself.

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    1. Thank you Rick, glad you enjoyed it. We wish you the best of luck making your own dreams happen. We have certainly never regretted it, even in these crazy times. Amy and Matt


  8. Dear Matt and Amy, Yes this virus quarantine is getting long drawn out, one can imagine how strange it must be for both of you. Hope ports open up soon for you. Here in Argentina Im on a farm thank goodness with lots of cousins on neighbouring farms, but friends in large cities getting very down with lockdown. Love your videos and so glad you’re so happy with yr new sails. Keep well.

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    1. Thank you Elizabeth, we are glad to hear life is still good for you in the country, we hope it stays that way and things improve for everyone else soon. As long as you can stay safe, living remotely seems the best option at the moment.


  9. Oh, gosh. Hopefully this nightmare is now in decline and you will soon be back on your way. Keep safe, keep sane, keep happy and keep together. Better days are coming. And a book of poetry?? Love & best wishes Dave

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    1. Thank you David. No matter how frustrating it is, we are still very grateful to be in a safe place to wait out this pandemic. Thank you for the compliment but I (Amy) didn’t set out to write a poem, I was just trying to express some of the feelings that were stopping me sleeping one evening. I think it’s the first I have written since school, but it really helped so I might try more in future! We hope you are keeping safe and healthy, Amy and Matt


  10. Thank you for your beautifull text and I feel a kind of frustration but also resignation in it. I just want to say that I trust that time is nearby that things are going back to normal. That will not say that your plan to cross the Indian Ocean this year can be fullfilled but you have been showing enough creativity to change plans en take up the opportunity to sail to destinations you did not plan. The Indian Ocean and all behind it can wait till next year. For then I wish you fair winds and following seas.

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  11. I don’t know if you receive emails here, but wanted to tell you that I love your channel.

    I like that you are trying to do this on a budget, pack your own meals and hike new locations for entertainment. The channels where everything is top dollar aren’t as appealing to me since it doesn’t present the dream but rather something unattainable.

    Your poem is lovely.

    I lived on my boat for several years and had to leave it on the east coast to return home for business. Once I was off the boat, the lack of motion gave me fits for a month. I would wake in a panic. The red LED from the alarm clock would appear to me as the navigation light of a ship bearing down on me. I’d jump out of bed ready for the collision. It was very disorienting…. and a bit funny.

    On Mon, Jun 1, 2020 at 11:31 PM Sailing Yacht Florence wrote:

    > sailwiththeflo posted: “Side by side, we lay in darkness, as stillness > surrounds us. The roar of distant waves a faint reminder of our link to the > ocean. No night watches tonight, no need to wedge ourselves in or clip > ourselves on. No rush of water against the hull, rendering sl” >


  12. Isn’t that how it is…we curse the obstacles to progress, yet when we fall still, silent for a bit to long, we miss that movement that variable sound in all its obstacles. …and yet we adapt to the ever changing moment. All is well. Stay safe.


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