6 thoughts on “Situation Update (April 2020)”

  1. So pleased to know that you now have a safe and welcoming place to stay. It’s great that you will have other boats for company, and an uninhabited island to explore. Look forward to hearing all about it when you next have internet.

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  2. Salamat pagi Matt and Amy, Lama kita tingal di Indonesia, di Bandung, pendang tiga tahun, sama Amanda …
    – I can’t keep this up much longer, but I became fluent in Bahasa at the time. We loved Indonesia, and the people. I got to travel around much of the archipelago, helping with Public Works surveys to support irrigation schemes for rice growing around new settlements. The settlements arose to re-home people evaculated from around erupting volcanoes mainly on Java and Bali. We had schemes in Sumatra, Kalimantan, Lombok, Sulawesi, Buru, Irian Jaya – I can’t remember them all. My favouite islands were Sulawesi and Lombok, though in the former and some other islands, there was some resentment of the newcomers clearing the forest and taking up space. I am pleased and not surprised that Indonesia has offered you a welcome and a refuge in this difficult time.

    We have been following and enjoying your videos, and had become concerned at what you would do in response to Covid-19. We look forward fortnightly videos catching up on your recent travels. We are social distancing with a daily outing for exercise and a weekly grocery shop; Amanda is working from home while sharing the care of their daughter with Andrew.

    Enjoy your Nias island anchorage – it sounds good to me. Hope you get this before you lose signal.

    Steve (& Charlene) Mason


  3. Best wishes you guys look forward to seeing your next blog when you get back on cyber comms. Phil Strider 11 ( was alongside you at Trafalgar wharf how many years ago, what an adventure)


  4. Found you videos while having to shelter because of the virus. Your videos are great, and informative, I sometimes get lost in your films. They are very good! You guys are doing exactly what someday I will be doing. Keep up the good work enjoy and may God look after you and Flo. Happy sailing, Dennis.

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