Boat life in Penang City

New Video: A rare marina stop for Florence means boat life in the city. Exploring the 2nd Largest City and the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia. The diverse culture of Penang was an intriguing stop for us and we enjoyed exploring the city whilst also preparing Florence to cross the Indian Ocean. Out of the cities that we have seen in Malaysia this was by far our favourite for culture, interest and spectacle.

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5 thoughts on “Boat life in Penang City”

  1. It‘s a wonderful relief watching your vlogs escpecially right now with everyone going nuts because of that virus here in Europe.

    Have fun guys!

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  2. Just watched your video in the middle of the night (jet legged) as we came back from Europe three weeks earlier then planned 😦
    It lifted our spirits so much so thank you for that, and loved the drone footage, fantastic!
    Ingrid and Alan


  3. You guy’s are just so refreshing!! I just signed up and have a question about being a patron to help you out some. For instance, if I signed up to be a ‘star’ patron at $50, how would that translate to monthly contributions? Thanks!


    1. Hi Michael, Thank you for your kind comment and thank you for considering supporting us. When you sign up to become a patron the site gives you the option to set a maximum monthly amount so you don’t get a shock if we suddenly post loads of videos. We try to put out 1 video every 2 weeks which normally means 2 per month. We would very much value your support. Matt and Amy

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      1. Thank you so much for the clarification! Certainly would not want a shock if you guy’s had one too many one night and posted 10! Ha Ha!!! Have fun guy’s, you are awesome! Will see what I can do.


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