Boat Life doesn’t get much better than this

New Video: We find the BEST TROPICAL REEF we have ever seen. Squid hunting around us, Manta Rays up close and personal, and a huge variety of vibrant coral. After seeing the Komodo Dragons in the last episode we dive over the side to see what the Komodo National Park has to offer under the water, making the most of being live aboards in Komodo.

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3 thoughts on “Boat Life doesn’t get much better than this”

  1. Another wonderful video to brighten up a dark November morning in the UK. Knowing how much you love the manta rays, it must have been wonderful to see so many and to see them circling the boat. I love the shots of them banking to turn. Great teasers at the end for future episodes.

    More best-evers! The Indonesia experience seems to have been incredible – perhaps this has helped with the leaving-the-Pacific blues? 🙂

    Your videos are in the best traditions of British documentaries. I think the excellent editing of the voice-over commentary style coupled with the stunning videos produces this quality. You are managing to capture some really interesting wildlife behaviour too such as the squid hunting under the boat. It’s amazing how consumer cameras can surpass professional gear from a few short years ago.

    I enjoy seeing you both actively sail Florence, taking advantage of favourable conditions. She seems a wonderful boat for you and for the mission.

    Fair winds,

    PS I used to live across the road from Weston Sailing Club!

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    1. Thank you for you kind comment Mark.

      We are really enjoying having cameras which allow us to share some of the nature and beauty of places we visit.

      Indonesia has certainly helped with the leaving-the-Pacific blues, however they have recently been replaced by the leaving-Indonesia blues! Lots to look forward to in 2020 though, including a possible return to Indonesia with a stop in West Sumatra before crossing the Indian Ocean (heavy planning sessions ongoing atm).

      40 degrees here, dreaming of AC or just a few moments in cold UK!

      Amy and Matt


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