Life Over the Water and New Crew for Florence

New Video: We sail to Wakatobi to explore its world class reefs and meet with the Bajo people. These people are known as the nomads of the sea and now live in a stilt village over the reef near Hoga island. We also welcome on board some new crew for Florence.

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7 thoughts on “Life Over the Water and New Crew for Florence”

  1. Hello Matt & Amy
    Great video and blog as per usual, lovely seeing the boys & girl enjoying the
    Ref your requirement for new sails, may I suggest you check out SY Ruby Rose
    web site/you tube ref 13 Nov 2018 new main sail they ordered from
    Precision Sails of Vancouver, Canada who deliver worldwide!.
    Nick is a very experience yachtsman and he ordered a new sail from this company and was very pleased with his new sail. Also, you may get a good
    price discount if you mention Ruby Rose.
    Hope this may be of help for you.
    Take care and smooooth sailing,

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  2. Hello again Matt & Amy,
    FYI if you order sails from Precision Sails it may be better to have them delivered
    to Singapore, less customs hassle then other countries.

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  3. I had a mainsail made in China. 4 years ago for my Contessa 32 They offer Bainbridge cloth and triple stitched.  I was very pleased with the quality and a very good price 2/3 of what I would pay in NZ

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  4. Hello
    Just to let you know a duty free island in Malaysia called Langkawi may be useful
    to receive new sails, if you do not intend to visit Singapore.


  5. Really enjoyed the episode, and was very touched by what you did for those kids – what a great way to say ‘Terima Kasi’ ….

    Best wishes… Pete..

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