Sailing to the top of Australia

New Video: Sailing up to Cape York, the remote northern tip of Australia, dodging reefs and shipping in the trade winds. We follow in Captain Cook’s footsteps, stopping at Lizard Island on the Great Barrier Reef. The hiking and reef snorkeling we found there was so good that we stayed days longer than planned. Enjoying filming the underwater world with our new gopro hero 7 camera.

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10 thoughts on “Sailing to the top of Australia”

  1. Hi Guys – thanks for the link to the latest video but I cannot access it. It is listed as private. Any way you could make it public?


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    1. Is your Go Pro 7 the black. You can really see an increase in quality i guess you are shooting in 4k. Must say you shooting style and editing are getting better and better.
      Cheers Bob


      1. Hi Bob, Yes we bought the black but shooting mainly in 1080p as our laptop is not fast enough to cope with rendering the 4K footage, and uploading 4k to youtube would take too much time and data for us. Maybe in the future…


  2. This is just a quick note to tell you how much we enjoy your videos. We have been watching for about two years now. We have noticed that your content is getting better and better each time. We watch on Sunday evenings as a family. Keep up the great work! The recent footage of the reef in Australia was incredible! The Bean Family, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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