WHITSUNDAYS: The world’s BEST sailing destination?

New Video: What is it like to sail the Whitsundays? Before leaving to sail around the world we used to have a book on the best places to sail in the world. The Whitsundays were on the front cover, so we were pretty excited to be sailing our own boat through these beautiful, famous islands. Join us as we explore the bays, beaches and reefs of the Whitsundays whilst battling both calms and storms.


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6 thoughts on “WHITSUNDAYS: The world’s BEST sailing destination?”

  1. I so much appreciate your authenticity and generous development of information on places and spaces. It’s most helpful and informative. I’m traveling in Sept to Anacortes on Fidelgo Island , in the San Juans of Washington State. I hope to view some sailing vessels while there. It is my hometown. Meanwhile your travels remain inspired and so lovely.

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  2. Thanks for all the great videos and commentary. I have only been following you two for about a month now but you are by far my favorite sailing people. Your sincerity and joy is contagious, so those of us that are land lock can live vicariously through your adventures. You are both wonderfully warm and decent people glad I found your adventure.

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  3. Love your input whether videos or just the story line of going round the world. You are obviously having such a good time, long may it last. Keep the input coming and good luck to you in your Indonesian adventures. I am with you.

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  4. I just discovered your adventure last weekend. Wow, you two are genuinely amazing people. I have to say Matt is both a true jack-of-all-trades and one of the luckiest guys in the world for having found Amy. Seeing two people with you spirt of adventure as will as your obvious talents is inspiring and restores ones faith in mankind. You both possess true courage, bravo and keep the adventure going.

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