Perfect Spinnaker Sailing up Australia’s east coast

Chased by the threat of a possible cyclone we discover the beauty of Australia’s east coast islands from Great Keppel to Middle Percy with some fantastic spinnaker sailing in between. The distances involved meant we had to be up early but got to see some beautiful sunrises as a result. We could not pass by without visiting the famous (among cruising yachts) A-frame hut on Middle Percy to leave Florence’s mark among the hundreds of others there.


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3 thoughts on “Perfect Spinnaker Sailing up Australia’s east coast”

  1. I seriously fell in love with u guys!
    In fact I admire your videos and your style so much that I started to build my own B&B 10‘ dinghy.
    Sooner or later I will follow your steps and maybe you could give me some advice in doing so.
    Keep it up!!!


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