Sailing to the Great Barrier Reef

New video: Sailing out to Lady Musgrave Island on the Great Barrier Reef was an exciting prospect, our first reef atoll visit since New Caledonia and our first glimpse of the famous Great Barrier Reef. A 55 mile overnight sail to the island brought us to a paradise for wildlife. The island is a nature reserve and is stunning both above and below the water.



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3 thoughts on “Sailing to the Great Barrier Reef”

  1. Hi guys,

    We have watched you sail to Aus from the UK. Our daughter loves your yacht as her name is Florence too! Are you still in Brisbane? If so we’d love to shout you dinner! We are sailing to Lady Musgrave next week, and have watched that episode many times.

    Hope you are still in Brisbane.




    1. Hi Florence and family, Thank you for your kind dinner offer, we would have loved to have met you but unfortunately we are much further north now. We are actually sat on the peak of lizard island, the only place here to get an internet signal for a weather forecast. We hope you have a fantastic time at Lady Musgrave, we certainly did. Cheers Matt and Amy


      1. Hi Matt and Amy, thanks so much for the reply. We have just got back from our sail to Lady Musgrave Is. It was such a lovely place. You two are very lucky to live this life every day.

        Hope to catch up next time you sail around the world!

        Stay safe and enjoy Australia,


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