Stormy Sailing South to Sydney

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The weather gave us some challenges making our way down the coast of Australia towards Sydney. After spending a lot of time creeping through the inshore channels, heading out to sea was a bit of a shock to our systems, especially when we were caught in an un-forecasted storm. Along the way we went in search of wallabies and Koalas and were escorted by dolphins.

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5 thoughts on “Stormy Sailing South to Sydney”

    1. Hi Michale, Thank you for looking to support us. We’re sorry, we have tried signing up ourselves and we don’t get asked for a postal field, it may mean postcode? (zip code). Sorry not to be able to help more. Amy & Matt


  1. We watched your latest video last night, enjoyed it all…as always. But I wanted to say that Amy’s green curry looked AMAZING! It looked delicious AND just beautiful! 👍🏻😊
    Thanks for all the great videos.


  2. Wow what a beauty of a storm! So nice to see so many locals coming out to say hello 🙂 I grew up in Sydney and am looking forward to seeing your next post 🙂

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  3. Oh! And before heading up to Cairns, so you at least know something about us, you are welcome to say hello at Facebook – Lizzy Williams (holding Cassandra the Carpet Python), and Kevin Burnell (jumping out of a plane). Always looking forward to more adventures 🙂

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