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New Video: What does a live-aboard blue water cruiser look like? We have had lots of requests to see more of our yacht ‘Florence’, so come aboard and have a look around. We have lived aboard her for 3 years now, sailing double handed across 2 Oceans on our around the world sailing adventure. Florence is perfect for us, small enough to handle easily in bad weather and big enough to transport us and all of our stuff around the world.

Florence is an Oyster Heritage 37 yacht, built in the UK in 1985. She is 37ft (11.28m) long 12ft (3.66m) wide and she draws 5ft6 (1.6m).

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12 thoughts on “Boat Tour”

  1. Been following you both for a while. Really enjoy you videos. I sail for 6 years on my Contessaa 32 ending up in New Zealand. Wish I could have met up when you were here. I do some video work so apriciate all the hard and time consuming work that goes into put your videos out. Been following you have a safe trip north. Love the way you have set your boat up.

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  2. Hi there, you two help me recover from a little medical issue over Winter. Thank you. I’m brand new to WordPress. I’m in Alaska so the tropics look appealing. The Summer is coming and its always pleasant in June if you ever get by this way please let me know. Cheers. Wil


    1. Hi Wil, We would love to visit Alaska one day. We talk about taking Florence back into the Pacific and heading up there but in reality we probably need to sail home and get jobs for a while first. One day definitely, Alaska is on our bucket list. Hope you are all better now. M&A


  3. Hi Matt and Amy,
    Thank you very much for this video. We are a family of four living on the Isle of Wight and in July this year we plan to take a year out to sail the Mediterrean Sea. We have an Oyster Heritage 37 foot called Tabasco, built in 1986, exactly like Florence! You can follow our preparations on our blog. This video has been really helpful in helping us organise Tabasco.
    Thanks! Filippo, Nora, Patrick and Sean

    ps- we may come back with questions later!

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  4. Hi Matt and Amy, how are you both?
    We absolutely loved how you guys edited this video, very very done👍
    Even though we personally had the pleasure of ‘meeting’ Florence we thoroughly enjoyed watching this video.
    Hope you both enjoy sailing the rest of the beautiful coast of Queensland and we’re already looking forward to the next video.
    Safe travels and fair winds,
    Ingrid and Alan😍

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    1. Hi Ingrid & Alan,
      Glad you enjoyed meeting Florence again. We have really been enjoying making the videos recently so they will keep coming.
      We hope your plans are going well. Please keep in touch.
      Best Wishes,
      Amy and Matt


  5. Really enjoy your videos and adventures, and was very interested in this episode to see and learn more about Flo..

    I have been sailing for years, and although I have never owned a boat, am getting close to the point when I take the plunge – and ideally head off into the wide blue yonder (or to be more specific, the Greek islands, and after that who knows… ) – so am currently mulling over different types of boats (blue water vs coastal, etc etc), and all info is useful. Any advice gratefully received (by all means email me)..

    Wish you the best for the rest of your voyage(s) – maybe someday we’ll meet up..

    Best wishes,

    Pete K


    1. Hi Pete, In our view the right boat is the one you actually go on, rather than the one you sit on in the boatyard. We have seen boats of many types, sizes and varying suitability in our eyes, but they all made it across an ocean. Our advice would be to keep it as simple as you are comfortable with and spend the time sailing rather than making the boat perfect.
      Matt and Amy


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