Completing our voyage across the Worlds Largest Ocean

New Video: This 6 day offshore passage from New Caledonia to Australia completed our 12000 mile journey across the south pacific, the worlds largest ocean. Despite ripping our mainsail and having to come up with an alternative sail plan, we finally reach Australia, the end of the south pacific journey for us. Joined along the way by some friendly wildlife, it was a mixed passage in terms of emotion and weather.


8 thoughts on “Completing our voyage across the Worlds Largest Ocean”

  1. Just been catching up on your videos. Wonderful! And I so admire your efforts in putting these adventures on film. It’s tricky enough to sail, trek, snorkel – let alone adding film. Amazing…best wishes, Michael

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  2. As a compllete novice to sailing of any kind I appreciate your decision not to turn your videos into lessons of how to do blue water sailing. Instead you capture the pure pleasure of your adventure. The underwater photography is particularly captivating. Do keep sharing.

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