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A Warm Welcome in Brisbane, Australia

With some bad weather coming and the need to have some replacement parts delivered, we took a rare, week long break in a marina, just outside Brisbane. As the wind whistled through the rigging and more thunderstorms blew through, we were able to carry on with our jobs regardless and safely leave Florence unattended while we ran errands in the city. It’s not until we remove the factor of constantly watching/worrying about the weather that we realise how much it governs our lives. Although we prefer to live at anchor, the occasional stay in a sheltered marina is a comfort we should probably allow ourselves more often.

Enjoying the shelter of Scarborough Marina

A big reason for stopping near Brisbane was to meet Ingrid and Alan; a couple who contacted us via our blog and kindly offered to show us around the local area. Our first evening with them rendered us both speechless. Not only had they insisted on taking us out to dinner and offered us use of their home but also handed over the keys to their car for the duration of our stay. We were able to spend the weekend together, with Ingrid and Alan showing us some of their favourite places in the beautiful surrounding hinterland. With sailing, travel, living in Europe and many other things in common, the conversation was as interesting to us as the scenery.


The weather had improved and allowed us to take them for a day sail on Florence the following day. We had the perfect conditions; downwind spinnaker sailing to a local public dock where we moored and explored the market before a short upwind sail in flat water back to the Marina.

During the week we were able to drive back into the Hinterland that Alan and Ingrid had showed us and hike one of the stunningly steep glass house mountains.

Ingrid and Alan, blew us away with their generosity. We can only hope we helped them make their plans of long term sailing feel a little closer in return. It can be a bit scary pointing a camera in your face and putting yourself out there on the web but without doing that we would not have met Ingrid and Alan. The time we spent with Ingrid and Alan, made us very glad that we do what we do.

Our time in Brisbane was a time to be grateful. We want to say a big thank you to everybody who has supported us via Patreon, and the Paypal Donate button on this site. Their donations helped towards upgrading/replacing some some of our camera equipment. We now have an excellent Videomic Pro+ microphone which will allow us to cut out wind noise and record more natural sound in the moment. Up until now we have had to remove wind noise and replace it with music. You may have noticed the increased quality of voice over audio in our recent videos; that’s thanks to this microphone. We are very excited to have upgraded our camera too; we now have a Panasonic HC-VXF1, which is much better suited to video. By the time our videos beyond Brisbane come out, you should see, more close ups/wildlife (we now have zoom), clearer images with better focus, steadier shots and much better audio quality. We also purchased a second hand, refurbished laptop. Up until now we have shared one laptop on board which makes for poor company when one is engrossed in video editing or blog writing, now we can both be anti-social at the same time. So thank you for all the support we have received through Patreon and our written blog, it has allowed us to not only continue documenting our adventures but hopefully improve the quality as we do so.


4 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome in Brisbane, Australia”

  1. Awesome…meeting people wherever always leaves me indebted for what they have left with me, taught me, shared of themselves. Experiences of discovery are rewarded for years yet to come. I’m happy to have experienced enough sailing to relate to your angst and joys surrounding passages, anchorages, meeting the natives and new adventures. Thanks for your writings and the time to put it all together allowing us a view through your eyes and self reflection! Awesome; Stay safe!

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    1. Thanks for your lovely comment. People are indeed awesome. Before we set off we worried about who/what we might encounter, now we worry about how we can ever make people feel as welcome in our own country as we have been made to feel.

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  2. Hola…
    I kept following you guys for a while now: it‘s an incredible adventure. Inspiring!
    Outstanding videos and stunning images.
    Would be fantastic to get in touch….
    Keep going – the best of luck and fun!

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