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Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji

New Video

After 6 months in New Zealand, cyclone season is over and we are free to return to the warm waters of the tropics. Not a bit too soon as it was getting chilly in New Zealand. We sail to Fiji with a stop to anchor in the middle of the ocean on the way.

2 thoughts on “Sailing from New Zealand to Fiji”

  1. Hi folks!

    What an amazing adventure you guys are having…….thank you sooooo much for taking us less fortunate “Land lubbers” and “dreamers” along with you….we REALLY appreciate it!! 
    I really also appreciate the fact that you don’t drown out all the “natural sounds” with music…..we can hear the wind in the sails, the water along the hull, the sheets as they are pulled through the winches….AMAZING…….it makes the “experience” all the more real for us!! 

    Well done, enjoy Fiji….and keep us along with you…please!!
    Many thanks.

    Kind regards,

    South Africa


    1. Hi Geoff, Thanks for the encouragement. We really suffer from wind noise on the microphone so are hoping to be able to find a better mic to buy in Australia, then we will be able to reduce the amount of music use further and do less voice overs.
      Matt and Amy


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