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Western Fiji

Some good friends were travelling all the way from England to see us so we headed to the West coast of the main island to be near the airport, ready for their arrival.


Whilst visiting the local market to provision, we were told of an upcoming rugby match between Tonga and Fiji. Rugby is huge here, so the chance to see an international game between these fierce rivals was not to be missed. The pre-match ‘warm-up’ would have had an averagely fit person collapsing in a heap. The Tongan team proved to be a force to be reckoned with, perhaps foreseeable by the fact some of their team members were so big the training bibs had to be worn as a scarf. We loved the action on the pitch and the atmosphere in the stadium.

Our friends hopped onboard and we headed straight out to the Yasawa Group, a chain of islands to the west of Fiji’s big island. We spent two excellent weeks reminiscing and planning future adventures while beach combing, dinghy racing, snorkelling, hiking enjoying beach bonfires, windsurfing, and kayaking.


Our cruising friends Jim and Linda from ‘Bright Moments’ were also in the area and we were able to enjoy cruising in company with them again during our time in the Yasawa group.


DSC_0626As well as all the beautiful parts of cruising, our friends were unable to escape without experiencing some of the not so good bits; rolly sleepless nights, an upwind slog (to get back to the airport on time) and windy weather. The Yasawas are out of the wind shadow from the main island and can be a little ‘fresh’ when a weather system comes through.

The two weeks flew by and it wasn’t long before we were saying sad goodbyes at the airport. Its always bittersweet having people visit from home; amazing to spend time with people we care about but it also makes us very homesick, not for the place, just the people we love and miss. For us this is the hardest thing about the cruising life.

With our time in Fiji drawing to a close, we needed to do some serious research on the next legs of our Journey. Musket Cove resort provided us with a great base for this, you can use the resort facilities for free whilst anchored/moored in the calm lagoon.

With some clarity on where we were heading next we were ready to check out and move on to Vanuatu, 500 miles to the WSW. Even after three months in Fiji, we felt like we had only begun to scratch the surface of the country’s 300 plus islands.



3 thoughts on “Western Fiji”

  1. More fabulous posts guys. Really enjoy reading them.

    We are in New Cal at the mo – Isle if Pines to be exact. Maybe we’ll see you as you sail by

    Safe travels

    Emma – SV Blue Destiny


  2. Hi both. Nice to find you guys online. Great blog and beautiful photos.

    Fiji looks beautiful but we missed there unfortunately. We did, however, spend a month in Vanuatu very recently – you’re going to love it! It’s one of our favourite destinations yet!

    I was hoping to get your email address before we parted ways in Tonga to send you a photo of Flo that we took during the blue water festival race…. for whatever reason it didn’t happen. It’s here if you want it You have a beautiful boat and the spinnaker matched nicely.

    Take care and maybe we’ll see you on a distant tropical island somewhere in the world 🙂

    Sarah and Alex – SV Bob


    1. Hi Sarah and Alex,
      Awesome pic, thanks, Vanuatu is our favourite yet as well. Good luck with your voyage across the Indian Ocean, we will follow your blog to see what we have ahead of us.
      (Great blog by the way)
      Matt and Amy

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