Amy said Yes!

I asked Amy to marry me and she said Yes! Well ok first there was a shocked, stunned silence and a few tears, but the important bit is she said Yes. After over nine years I suppose she would have been well within her rights to leave me hanging and make me sweat a bit, but thankfully she didn’t think of this at the time. The deed was done at sunset anchored just off a pretty beach with a bottle of bubbly.


9 thoughts on “Amy said Yes!”

  1. Congratulations to you both! Really enjoying the blog and very happy to read this news. Look forward to reading more of your adventures over the coming months 🙂


  2. Hello Matt and Amy, What exciting news – how wonderful! Thank you for letting me know. I’m sure it was a romantic proposal. Where was it and did you go down on one knee Matt? It is great to hear good news. Many congratulations and love to you both. I wonder where and when thewedding will be.  Thinking of you, Ann                              xx


  3. congratulations on the news. Continue having a fab trip. We keep a regular check on your progress, and glad you are having a good time. ( we have also informed Jenny and Terry, who were also delighted)

    Cheers carole & Reg


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